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Iga Majewska was born on the 4th of December 2013.



From the very beginning the pregnancy was normal without any objections. In the 34th week the doctors informed us that due to the baby position, Iga will be delivered through a Caesarian section. At that time, none of the doctors has discovered anything abnormal…..


Later….. huge shock….


After the surgery doctors showed me only the baby’s face. The midwife in a hurry took the baby away to a separate room.


I was told by my husband that it turned out that the baby had some defects. He was able to have a closer look at the baby, after the consultation with the doctors.


Iga was born without the right lower – arm, with shorter lower legs and without both of the fibula bonds.


From the first moment, we were determined to fight to save our baby daughter’s legs and hand, mostly to make her able to walk, run and lead normal life without the need to use a wheelchair or prosthesis in the future.


Iga has a fife years older sister, who chose the name for the little one. From the very begging, despite her age, she has been very mature and responsible. Her dream is to be able to run with her little daughter, and to experience wonderful, happy moments together in the future.


When the first shock was gone, we started looking for some possibility to undergo physical therapy or legs reconstruction.


A few days after Iga was born, by coincidence, we watched a document on tv about a little boy born with the same defect, who after the surgery at Dr. Paley’s clinic in Florida (www. paleyinstitute.org) will be able to walk. Dr. Paley’s clinic at this moment is the only one in the world to undertake this kind of leg reconstruction.


Full of hopes, we wrote an e-mail to Dr. Paley attaching all medical history including x-rays. The doctor wrote back just after three hours. His conclusion based on the medical history that was sent, was that Iga’s surgery has a huge chance to be successful, but he still would like to see and examine Iga. Therefore, Iga was invited for a medical consultation at the beginning of April in Belgium, where the doctor will decide if the surgery can fix Iga’s legs so she wwould be able to walk.



An estimated cost of this kind of surgery is 200-400 thousand dollars, which is between

600 thousand to 1.2 mln converting to polish zloty (at least this was the cost of similar surgeries). The exact cost depends on what will have to be reconstructed e.g. the ankle joint, metatarsals’ bonds, tendons, lengthen both of the tibias.




We have to start collecting money, as the surgery will take place between the 12th and 24th month of life (at least this is how it was with similar surgeries at babies with more or less same defects). To collect all the money will be a huge challenge.


Therefore, we need help from anyone that would like to support us, and help our Iga to walk. Below we provide a bank accounts’ numbers of the charity that helps us To help Iga to collect the funds for the surgery you can pay your money to the charity that helps us collecting the money. It is important to add in the transfer details like: the baby’s number, first and second name, as this is shown below. All the bank accounts provided are the charity accounts available for all their little charges, making sure all the details are correct and in the right order makes it easier for the money to be allocated for each individual child. Please keep that in mind.


It is possible to organise the public collection, however we are obligate to inform the charity about this fact two weeks before.


Account for polish currency:

numer konta: 15 1060 0076 0000 3310 0018 2615 

in the transfer details you MUST add: 22911 Majewska Iga


Account for USA currency:


numer konta: PL 48 1060 0076 0000 3210 0019 6523

in the transfer details you MUST add: 22911 Majewska Iga


Account for german currency:


numer konta: PL 11 1060 0076 0000 3210 0019 6510

in the transfer details you MUST add: 22911 Majewska Iga


For more information look into “how to help”


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